Maria Kleinschmidt, born 1981, is a Berlin-based visual artist, graphic designer, illustrator, and lecturer. For more than ten years she has been teaching in the field of art and design basics – at University of the Arts Berlin (2008–2013), at HTW Berlin (2010–2011), at FH Potsdam (2015–2017), and recently at HS Anhalt, Dessau (2018/19). She holds a diploma in Communication Design (FH Potsdam 2007) as well as a BA in Art History and Philosophy (Humboldt-Universität 2015). As a graphic designer she works primarily in the field of culture, academics, and fashion. As an illustrator she has two books published: Tante Karos Gefühl für Stil (2013) and Grand Paris (2017).

Sale of original artworks via Saatchi Art

Stream of collages and drawings: instagram/mariaremedioskleinschmidt

Insights into teaching: